Fashion Revolution – Changing The Dirty Side of Fashion

The Dirty Side of Fashion

Welcome to the Fashion Revolution – Changing The Dirty Side of Fashion! Did you know where your clothes actually come from or where they are manufactured? If you are like me, my only concerns are: will it fit and is it affordable?


Affordability, however, is not just monetary. It also comes with a large humanitarian price. The dirty side of fashion is shocking. Throughout the fashion industry, human rights violations are prevalent. Forced labor, child labor, dangerous working conditions and sexual harassment are commonplace. The world turned a blind eye until a cataclysmic event left hundreds dead and injured.

The Movement 
Photo by Francois Le Nguyen on Unsplash

On April 24, 2013, the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh collapsed injuring 2,500 people and killing over 1,100 more. This was the fourth largest industrial accident in history. “Rana Plaza was a factory complex in Savar, Bangladesh, where more than 5,000 people worked making clothes for some of the biggest global fashion brands and retailers. The victims were mostly young women.” (1)

Out of this tragedy, Fashion Revolution was born. Fashion Revolution is the world’s largest fashion activism movement. This global evolution is comprised of people who make and wear clothes from around the globe. Designers, consumers, industry and policymakers have come together to transform the fashion industry for the better!

The Goal

The goal of the Fashion Revolution is to advocate for change and raise awareness and educate people concerning the systemic challenges within the global fashion industry. Most concerning is the human and environmental exploitation within the fashion industry. Pushing for policy changes with governments worldwide to play a more active role in regulating the industry and better enforcing laws are paramount in their mission.

Through consumer pressure, Fashion Revolution hopes to influence brands and retailers to become more sustainable, environmentally friendly and to provide safe working conditions and living wages for the entire supply chain. “We aim to show that change is possible and encourage those who are on a journey to create a more ethical, sustainable and transparent future for fashion.” (2)

For more information and to be part of the solution please go to: 

(1) revolution


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